Captive Bred Lookdowns from Proaqutix


One of the companies that is really pushing captive bred fish is Proaquatix. Like many other companies, they’ve basically mastered clownfish breeding over the years, but aren’t stopping there. They’ve branched out to include many other species, which even include some game fish. These game fish do have some popularity in the aquarium world, so it’s easy to see why Proaquatix has bred them. Of these fish, one of the latest accomplishment of the popular breeding operation is the Lookdown (Selene vomer), which are featured in the video above. While these fish aren’t fan favorites among most hobbyists, they are quite popular in large exhibits in both homes and public aquaria.

Aquarium hobbyists are constantly looking for new ways to lessen their impact on wild fish populations, which has ultimately led to their push toward livestock that has either been collected in a sustainable way or has forgone the capture process altogether. The latter of which, the result of captive breeding obviously, is gaining momentum and the entire process is helped along by companies and individual hobbyists who push the envelope on fish breeding. I may be painting that picture with a little too much excitement, but it’s well deserved as captive breeding is an exciting aspect of our hobby.

We applaud every effort to breed fish in captivity, including those of Proaquatix, and will do everything we can to promote such activities.


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