Crazy Purple Plate Coral from Reefer’s Cove


Purple with Green Rim Plate Coral

Plate corals are making a big resurgence in the aquarium hobby lately, and we’ve been lucky enough to spy some real gems floating around the online markets of aquarium forums and fishy retailers. The latest hot plate comes to us from Reefer’s Cove, who recently showed off an extensive spread of plate coral photos over on their Reef2Reef page. Within this bountiful supply, an extremely awesome purple plate coral stood head and shoulders above the rest. Simply called the RC Purple Beauty Plate, the sizable solitary coral is unlike every other purple plate coral that came before it, and there have been loads of purple Fungia available in the hobby through the years. This particular specimen sports a deep purple hue with a bright green outer ring, with hints of that same green around the mouth. We’d prefer a different name for this coral, such as Grapes of Wrath or Barney’s Revenge, but all joking aside this truly is an amazing piece. The retail price on this beauty is set at $250 on RC’s website, and it’s not the only jawdropper being shown off by the online retailer.

RC Toxic Tongue Coral

The other coral being shown off by Reefer’s Cove is so bright, it literally hurts your eyes to look at it. As if tongue corals weren’t uncommon enough, RC has one that’s neon green with black (or brown) tipped tentacles. It’s not a huge coral, but it’s certainly a loud one.


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