GEO’s Reef Getting in on the Biopellet Game


GEO's Reef Biopellet Reactor

There’s no denying that biopellets have become one of the most popular platforms for feeding bacteria in order to bolster populations, which in turn consume more of the undesirable nutrients that exist in our reef aquaria. Many different companies have either been started out of this trend or have dramatically altered their product line in order to get on board with the popular movement. The latest company to climb onto the bandwagon is the popular calcium reactor manufacturer, GEO’s Reef. Branching out from what made them so popular with reef keeping aquarists, GEO has released some teaser images of their own prototype biopellet reactor. Recently shown off on their Facebook page, this new reactor sports a space saving design, which is accomplished by locating the pump under the reactor body, along with a few other standard features typically found in the pellet tumbling chambers.

Judging from the teaser photo, the simple reactor isn’t very large. We noted the Maxi-Jet pump under the main chamber, which not only gives us a sense of scale, but also means that the reactor is designed to be run exclusively in-sump. The pump feeds water through the slotted plate, which disperses water outwards and upwards, all the while providing just enough flow to prevent clumping of the pellet media.

There’s no word on whether or not these units will be massed produced by GEO, especially given the fact that they do so much custom work outside of their standard lineup of calcium reactors. In terms of pricing, if GEO’s Reef holds true to form with this particular reactor, we expect this space saving biopellet reactor to be very affordable and well-built. Because this product is still in the prototype stage, the finer details are still undetermined.


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