The New Era MINI MarineGrazer an Attracitve Feeding Option


Over the weekend, we got some extensive playtime with a boxful of New Era fish foods. One of the products sent to us was the fairly new MINI MarineGrazer, a suction cup based feeding station for grazing fish like tangs and angelfish. We were quite intrigued with this feeding device, and given the unique way it provides valuable nutrition to our fish, we felt a video was the best way to show it off. Following the timeline of the video, we see how the MarineGrazer is assembled. The small ring of food slips right over the suction cup, and a small plastic cap keeps it from sliding off. The suction cup readily sticks to the side of the aquarium, and despite the best efforts of hungry fish, it just wouldn’t budge once attached. The food itself also proved to be a huge hit. Within moments, our Kole Tang was all over the grazing station, and by the end of the day the ring of algae-based food was nowhere to be found. The tang had a noticeable bulge in its stomach, and given the fact that a single fish consumed so much, we feel the MarineGrazer should only be used once a week or less. Of course, this is specific to our situation, and other hobbyists should employ a different strategy for their own livestock needs.


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