Sicce Unveils Their New LED Light

Sicce LED Light Display

Sicce LED Light as Shown on the Company's Facebook Page

The Italian aquarium equipment manufacturer, Sicce, who has won many fans over with their popular protein skimmer pumps throughout the years, is branching out a little and dipping their toes in the LED lighting segment of the equipment market. Currently, there isn’t a whole lot of information available on this new LED fixture, but we were fortunate enough to scoop a very informative flyer straight from the source. According to this flyer, their new light, which is simply being referred to as the Sicce LED Light, will come in two different models that will each sport an abundance of emitters. Only two different colors of LEDs are being offered in the two models, and interestingly the ratio of white to blue is an astounding 14:1. According to Sicce, this mix and amount of diodes packs enough punch to suitably replace a 250watt metal halide, and going by the provided PAR readings nearing 250 µmol/m2/sec at 23 inches below the water’s surface, we can certainly see why they came up with that statement. Despite the large ratio of white emitters, the spectrum of the Sicce LED lights is close to 14,000K, which should appeal to a majority of the coral keepers out there.

Sicce LED Light

Screen Capture of the Sicce LED Light

To give aquarium keepers options, the blue and white LEDs on the Sicce fixture are separated into two distinct channels, which can be independently controlled with the help of built-in timers that can be run on a sunrise/sunset program if desired. To keep the fixture running quietly, the noisy fans have been left out, and what little heat there is will be sent skyward with the help of a heatsink that blends right into the stylings of the light. As for mounting options, the fixture appears to have two different types available. There’s a stylish tank mount that sits on the back of the aquarium, as well as the adjustable suspension cable setup.

Models and specifications:


  • Dimensions: 18.34 x 14.40 x 1.6“
  • Cable: 6 ft
  • White LEDs: 392
  • Blue LEDs: 28
  • PAR: 245 µmol/m2/sec at 23 inches below unit
  • Kelvin: 14,000K


  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 14.40 x 1.6”
  • Cable: 6 ft
  • White LEDs: 588
  • Blue LEDs: 42
  • PAR: Not yet available.
  • Kelvin: 14,000K

Important Features:

  • High-effciency LED lamps for maximum lumen output and minimal power consumption
  • Optimized for even illumination over the entire tank
  • Safe, effcient and SILENT heat dissipation without noisy fans
  • Light spectrum does not shift over time
  • Modular design is ready to upgrade when you are
  • Built-in timer with sunrise/sunset program option

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