The AquariumPix Photoblog Gets a Fresh Look


AquariumPix Photoblog
Did you know that the AquaNerd Blog has a sister site? About nine months after starting AquaNerd, we thought we’d have enough time and energy to keep up with a second and fairly similar website, the AquariumPix Photoblog. The primary goal of this second website, as its name strongly implies, was to simply be a photo-heavy blog that focused more on the stunning visuals residing in our reef tanks than on the aquarium equipment, husbandry techniques, and industry news that’s become the staple of the AquaNerd Blog’s content. We wanted a drama-free space to just enjoy pictures, and for several months we were able to accomplish this goal with ease. Unfortunately, we lost focus and started pouring all of our efforts into the AquaNerd Blog, leaving the AquariumPix website to sit idle for more than a year. That’s all about to change, however, as we’ve done a complete reboot of our photoblog and have lots of new photos to share. Each of the photos will be accompanied by a brief description, but we’ll be letting the images do most of the talking.


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