Tip of the Day – 3/21/2012


Trimless aquariums, also known as rimless tanks, are sleek and stylish setups that can be a big step up from the traditional tanks that have the atrocious black plastic frames. Unfortunately, because the more modern looking trimless setups don’t have a plastic frame, water can easily splash over the top and cause salt creep to build up on the outside of the glass and on the stand. This is obviously s trivial hindrance when aesthetically comparing the two types of aquariums, but it’s an added maintenance task that most people don’t think of when designing their next saltwater tank. A good alternative to the trimless aquarium would be a eurobraced setup, as these tanks don’t have the black plastic frame, but have pieces of glass that keep the tank from bowing. These pieces of glass usually sit flush with the top of the tank, making them almost unnoticeable when viewing the tank from the front or sides.


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