Tip of the Day – 3/26/2012


When breaking down and relocating your aquarium, it’s best to have a plan and execute it as flawlessly as possible. Get the corals and other livestock out first, then the rest of the setup can come down at a slow but steady pace. Once everything is down and ready to move, load the pickup truck down and travel down the fastest and safest route to travel. The buckets, which are exposed to the elements when they are in the back of a truck, can quickly overheat during long traffic stalls and slowdowns, so pick the appropriate time of day as well. Finally, when you arrive at the tank’s new home, load up the sand and rocks first, as they will require a far longer cycle time than your fish. Once things are suitable, from a test kit standpoint, the livestock can be added. It would also be helpful to use some sort of bacteria product to help process the excess ammonia and nitrites that are sure to accumulate.


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