Tip of the Day – 3/30/2012


If you’re looking to target feed your corals, then there are several things you must do in order to be successful. For starters, killing all water flow is a must. Corals don’t feed quickly, and they often take a moment just to expand their tentacles. Because of this, any food traveling by at a quick pace will likely blow right past the corals. The other thing you have to do prior to coral feeding is to distract the fish. Fish are very opportunistic feeders, especially surgeonfish.  They will often throw caution to the wind and steal food from the tentacles of corals. In order to work this greediness to your advantage, feed the fish first and get them distracted long enough to allow the corals to get their fair share. The last way to target feed corals is to bypass the possibility of fish stealing the food altogether. By feeding small sized foods, like planktonic items, the fish don’t have the opportunity to eat the corals’ food. All that said, keep in mind that corals get most of their nutrition from photosynthesis and don’t overfeed your tank, otherwise you’ll run into different issues.



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