Tip of the Day – 3/5/2012


Zoanthid fragging usually has one of two outcomes. You successfully peel back a sheet of polyps, glue it to a plug, only to have it slowly whither away over the next few days. The other way is a bit messier, as the cutting and peeling of the growing sheet leads to individual polyps being torn to pieces, leaving black goo everywhere. If those two scenarios have happened to you one too many times, try using a pair of bone cutters the next time you frag zoas. That’s right, put down the scalpel and razor blades and reach for those big old bone cutters. The goal is to break off tiny pieces of rock with polyps still attached. Instead of gluing actual tissue to the frag plug, you can now glue rock, which keeps the tissue from decaying away. Just be sure to not go overboard with the glue.


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