Tip of the Day – 3/8/2012


I’m not even sure if the follow scenario will work, but I wanted to explore it anyways.  Water changes come early and often. So much so that they sneak up on us and we’re often unprepared. Typically, the mixing container is dirty and needs to be cleaned before even adding a drop of RO water, and this alone can be a daunting task. To remedy this, we got the idea of using disposable liners for mixing containers (specifically trash cans), though they would have to be saltwater safe. The idea is to place an oversized bag into a mixing container, fill it up with RO water, and add the salt. Once the water change is complete, you can throw away the bag, preventing the need to clean any containers after the fact. Again, we’re not sure how well this will work or what liners would be suitable for mixing saltwater without adding any nasty pollutants to it, but we think it’s a pretty good idea considering the pain and effort it takes to clean the containers.


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