Tip of the Day – 3/8/2012


I’m not even sure if the follow scenario will work, but I wanted to explore it anyways.  Water changes come early and often. So much so that they sneak up on us and we’re often unprepared. Typically, the mixing container is dirty and needs to be cleaned before even adding a drop of RO water, and this alone can be a daunting task. To remedy this, we got the idea of using disposable liners for mixing containers (specifically trash cans), though they would have to be saltwater safe. The idea is to place an oversized bag into a mixing container, fill it up with RO water, and add the salt. Once the water change is complete, you can throw away the bag, preventing the need to clean any containers after the fact. Again, we’re not sure how well this will work or what liners would be suitable for mixing saltwater without adding any nasty pollutants to it, but we think it’s a pretty good idea considering the pain and effort it takes to clean the containers.


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  • Clive Bentley

    While it’s a good idea for reducing potential contaminants in the water mix, it seems awfully costly and wasteful to be honest. I’d rather take a few minutes to wipe down the mixing buckets than add to the ever increasing amount of plastic in the landfills.

  • Marc-André Clément

    I agree with Clive.

    I don’t like the idea of wasting plastic just to be lazy I don’t want to sound like the Greenpeace freak, but think about the ressources and amount of pollution necessary to produce something you would throw away like that, just to save a few minutes …

    And not just landfills… ever heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

    Please Brandon, do everyone a favor and remove that post

    • Adroc11228

      I get what you mean about being waste full, but come on were reef keepers.
      every gallon of water thats used there are at a min 3 wasted & we use electricity like its our jobs……a single garbage bag once a month isnt all that bad

      • Marc-André Clément

        The more the reason.

        We waste enough as it is. But it’s a matter of perspective. I mean, producing RO/DI water has a clear purpose, and there is no way to obtain water as pure as this.

        Sure, some reefers use a lot of electricity, but it is needed, not really a waste.
        And more and more reefers are switching to LEDs so that there will be less electricity usage and less bulb switching

        In this case, I don’t think there is any real need nor advantage. As Clive said, it’s just a few minutes to wipe down the mixing buckets…

        Hey I’m lazy, just like the other guy, and I like to take shortcuts sometimes. But as you said Adroc, we already waste a lot.