Waterproof Tablet Ideal for Techy Aquarium Nerds


Waterproof Pantech Element Tablet

Listen up all you tech savy aquarium nerds, the world of tablet computers just got a little more compatible with our overly aquatic lifestyles. Korean phone maker, Pantech, has recently developed a completely waterproof tablet device which should make multitasking near our aquariums that much easier. The Android powered tablet, called the Element, is sealed up in a plastic sheet made of polycarbonate and is waterproof down to 10 feet. According to various press releases, Pantech touts that the touchscreen, speaker, and microphone are all waterproof and are completely protected from spills, rain, and aquarium splashes. Okay, so they left that last one out of the official description, but the tablet was demonstrated at this year’s CeBIT tech fair by a quick dunking into an aquarium. Unfortunately, the touchscreen only operates by detecting human touch, which makes the process virtually impossible to accomplish while the tablet is submerged or seriously wet. The Pantech Element is currently only available in Japan, and we’d definitely love to see it in use by aquarium hobbyists here in the US eventually.

This story originally found on CNN


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