Amazing Bleeding Warpaint Scolymia in the Diver’s Den


Bleeding Warpaint Scolymia

Every day we impatiently wait for that email to show up in our inbox telling us when the Diver’s Den gets restocked with all of the stunning fish and corals that LiveAquaria has become known for. Some days we are amazed at what we find, and yesterday was no different. The gang at LiveAquaria posted up a jawdropping Aussie Scolymia, which we are going to call a bleeding warpaint scoly. What makes this coral so unique, in our eyes, is that it has the bright purples, greens, and grays seen in the typical warpaint scolys, but to make it stand out is the fact that is has the intense red striping that’s often found in the bleeding apple. It truly is a unique piece, which is probably why it quickly sold after being listed. The roughly 3″ coral sold for $330, which is rather affordable since most scolys already go for that price anyways. Someone got themselves an amazing coral at a decent price, it’s just too bad it wasn’t us.


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