Aqua Medic’s Interesting Add-on Refugium


Aqua Medic Refugium
We recently happened across an interesting refugium from the gang at Aqua Medic, and seeing as how it would be perfect for one of own aquariums, we figured we’d get the word out on it. We aren’t exactly sure how long this product has been around, but that’s not really here or there. Regardless, it’s an interesting piece of equipment because it is an external and modular refugium that can be plumbed into an existing setup. A small pump is required to feed water from the aquarium into the top of this external refugium, and an internal overflow box moves water back to the sump or wherever you need it to go. A small power compact light is supplied to help hobbyists grow macroalgae, and the entire chamber is closed off to the world to prevent evaporation and keep the supplied light fixture dry. While this product may not be much more than a plastic box with a couple of extra features, its simple design is perfect for many applications. Aquarium hobbyists with a sump barely big enough to hold a protein skimmer should get plenty of use out it, and it would be perfect as a holding chamber for a new fish or to isolate an aggressive individual.

More details below.

As far as dimensions and volume are concerned, this refugium holds approximately 13-gallons of water and measures 18.5″L x 13.75″W x 23.25″H. The light that comes with the Aqua Medic refugium is a 24watt power compact. We’d prefer an LED lamp to be honest, and the swapping out the lights shouldn’t be an issue.

At this point, we aren’t aware of the price since Aqua Medic uses distributors and doesn’t deal directly with the public, but we imagine the price would be quite palatable.


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