Banggai Rescue Project Gets Some Artistic Love at MAX


Banggai Rescue Project Talbot Artwork

The Banggai Rescue Project is probably one of the most ambitious conservation efforts undertaken by members of the aquarium community, and it has already made great headway even though it’s still in the early stages. While a majority of the project will focus on studying the amazing Banggai cardinalfish in the wild, breeding them in captivity, and documenting the entire thing in print format, part of the project will focus entirely on the sheer beauty of these fish. With the help of renowned artist Karen Talbot, these cardinals got a lot of canvas time at the Marine Aquarium Expo this past weekend, which is one of the ways that Mrs. Talbot has contributed to the Banggai Rescue Project…through illustration. These art pieces also help spur the donation-funded rescue project moving along as some of the Banggai related pieces will be given to project supporters. These include illustrated post cards and scientific prints, among many other possible gifts. On top of the gifts to donors, the book documenting the project will be illustrated with Karen’s drawings. We are really looking forward to see what sort of drawings will be included in the book.

If you would like to donate to the project, please visit the Banggai Rescue Project on Kickstarter. Thanks to Joe Savoy for sharing this MAX image with us.


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  • mpedersen

    Brandon – so happy to get to see this shot of Karen’s work at MAX.

    I want to clarify one point – I really don’t like the word “donation” – Banggai Rescue isn’t a charitable project – I prefer to classify Kickstarter backers as pledges in return for rewards.  There is a very clear commerce aspect to Kickstarter, ast least in our project. You are, in effect, pre ordering things like a postcard or your name in the book to prints or original Karen Talbot artwork, signed copies of the book etc.  In other words, I don’t like donation because it implies that our backers are giving money with no returned value to themselves simply beyond the feel-good aspects of supporting this investigatory project.  In this case, you get a whole heck of a lot more than just feeling good about how you spend your money – you get some really great stuff back!

    So from where I sit, as one of the contributing authors on the project, I look at those who’ve backed us thus far as providing the mandate for the project, willing to back their support with money in exchange for things they’ll get in the future.  How crazy and exciting to let the public at large vote with their wallets for this project – all the more important that we’ve surpassed our funding goal by almost 6K, which truly helps ensure the success of the project.  We have 5 days left – not too late for someone to get their name in the book or to pre-order their signed copy of Banggai Rescue!