Digital Aquatics Lifeguard Spied at MAX


Digital Aquatics Lifeguard

As with any aquarium related trade show, the Marine Aquarium Expo was full of the wonderful gadgets and gizmos that keep our tanks running at their peak conditions. One of the newest products that we’ve been covering over the past few weeks, the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard System, was also being displayed at the show, and we were able to gather some quick photos and tinker around with it for a few moments. As we’ve mentioned several times already, this palm-sized alert system is not a controller. Instead, it monitors a trio of water parameters and alerts monitoring aquarium hobbyists of impending doom. It’s far simpler than a full-blown controller, and its data is accessible from any internet capable device thanks to a built-in web server.

Digital Aquatics Lifeguard Software

The hardware on this device is very limited. The Lifeguard only measures three parameters, so besides a power cable, there’s only a salinity probe, a pH probe, and water level switch. As for the software, it’s also quite simple. All of the parameters are displayed in a single screen, which can be accessed with touch controls depending on the device it’s being used on. This, of course, means DA has pulled out all of the stops to offer compatibility with Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, which is a smart move considering how popular iDevices are. In addition to taking snapshot readings, the Lifeguard software also keeps a running 24hour average based on measurements at 5 minute intervals, which is always handy if you want to track how the pH or salinity is running throughout the day.

At this point, we would like to address some of the comments made about that the Lifeguard system. Yes, we realize that this device is priced around the same as an entry-level controller that can not only monitor most of these same parameters, but also control them. Despite this, we think the Lifeguard will be a big hit for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s simple. Aquarium controllers need to be programmed, and for some folks that’s just not possible. Not everyone is tech savvy and not everyone knows the ins and outs of controller language. The other factor that we think is a good selling point is the fact that it has a built-in web server that can be accessed by virtually any device from any point in the world. Not every controller has this, especially the entry level ones…so to say that a $200 aquarium monitoring system with built in web access is more expensive than a comparably outfitted controller isn’t exactly accurate. I for one appreciate the ability to control my aquarium instead of just monitoring it, but my thoughts aren’t universal, obviously.

Big thanks to Joe Savoy for filling us in with the images.


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  • Blake H.

    Da has the worst customer service i have ever had

    I 100% regret ever purchasing my RKL from them

    The biggest smack in the face was when one if the updates for the ALC module came out .it cause the moon lights to totally stop working

    I tried to work with them..explaining i have 10+ years of low voltage experience …and their was a issue…mind u the ALC worked “ok” before this update

    I made a thread on their forum explaining what had happened. And went into great detail explaining how i diagnosed the problem

    So instead of a thank you or any kind of help they deleted my thread…and did nothing
    A month later another update came out

    The changlog said nothing bout the moonlight being fixed “nor did they ever admit it was a software issue” the moonlights magically started working again

    Not to mention that you order a brand new product strait from them it comes with very vauge instructions

    I had to update all the items before i could even use them…no detailed instructions ..u have to download them..and spend hours on their forum to figure anything. Back

    Oh ya …it can take weeks to get a reply back…forget about actually talking to them on the phone

    DA you need a real customer service manager …and a couple other things

    Never again DA

  • Email

    Agree with Blake.  Don’t waste your money on anything from DA.  A used ACjr can do everything this can do, and more, for less money, and not have to deal with DA’s horrible support.

  • Digital Aquatics

    We’re not entirely sure the situation around these two posts.  It was no secret that we had some short comings in support over the years.  About 8 months ago we did hired extra support staff and now have a great and capable guy as our support lead!  In fact, over the last 4-5 months we’ve received great responses about our support improvements.  We would welcome the opportunity to make any of these situations right.

    Thank you,

  • the_reefer

    Stay away from DA products, trust me on this. I have been
    using their product from 2 years now, and let me tell you its nothing but
    problems, false promises, and waste of money.

    Take this product “lifeguard” as an example, a device that tells
    you your PH and temp and that’s about it, 200$. I mean come on….. and let’s
    just wait till people start getting their unites and we will see how many
    problems will appear, updates respins and let the party started lol. Piece of
    advice save you money.

    BTW, I have been a reefer for 6 years now now, and I am not affiliated
    with anyone. 

  • taxedout

    I agree about the poor customer service at DA…..They can make a claim they have great customer support, but I think we customers that have purchased their products are unpaid quality control engineers…..I’ve been dealing with error messages on my ReefKeeper Elite, and nobody seems interested in calling me, or replying to my emails to customer support…..Thanks DA!