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GHL recently announced on their website and Reefcentral forum, that after two years of development, they are finally ready to release their top secret LED module to the masses. Not wanting to release a fixture with just the commonplace feature set, GHL wanted to exceed the industry standards in order to win over customers in a very heated market. GHL has been very tight lipped about this new LED module up to this point, as is evident by the complete lack of a photograph of the module, but the recent product announcement¬†has been quite revealing. From this info, we¬†found out that the new module will feature 8 independently controllable color channels, which will feature LEDs in their most current from popular manufacturers. A full rundown of the known specifications can be read below. Additionally, we’re told that the GHL LED module is slated for a May release date.

Promised features:


  • 8 light colors, all separately dimmable: ultra white, royal blue, blue, true green, yellow, red, hyperred and UV (420 nm)
  • 62 LEDs per lamp
  • 6 separately replacable LED-clusters on IMS boards
  • PAR: I think more than you need!

Intelligence and User Interface:

  • Own controller (32 Bit ARM)
  • Graphical display with 6 touch-Keys


  • Radio (2.4 GHz)
  • USB

Operation modes:

  • Standalone (runs autonomous)
  • Master (controls other lamps wirelessly)
  • Slave (is controlled from other lamps or ProfiLux wirelessly)


  • High-efficiency mode (max. economy and LED lifetime)
  • High output mode (max. brightness)

Thermal management:

  • Innovative cooling concept with 4 extremely quiet and compact cooling fans
  • Fans are temperature controlled


  • Select out of several colors
  • Fans and heatsinks are not visible from outside
  • Dimensions: 300 mm x 200 mm x 40 mm


  • Sliding clouds and sunrise over several lamps
  • All illumination functions of ProfiLux
  • Full control over output light spectrum


  • Firmware updates possible
  • True dimming technology: non visible brightness steps with more than 3000 dimming steps per channel
  • Incl. lamp holder
  • Universal power supply with wide range input

GHL LED Spectrum


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