Kessil A350 Flexes Muscles on Marine Depot Video


Last week, Kessil finally unveiled their long awaited A350 and A350W “Tuna Blue” LED pendants, and inevitably the demonstrational videos of the lights have already started to surface. In the video above, courtesy of Marine Depot, we get to see how the two different channels (oneĀ 10,000K Sky Blue and one 20,000K Deep Ocean Blue) of the A350 look when they are dimmed to varying levels, allowing users to dial in the color they want their aquarium to look like. Each channel is tuned using a knob located on the top of the pendant, and adjusting the levels is a breeze. And obviously aquarium keepers can do it on the fly, as the lights above never miss a beat while being adjusted.

Continue below for a bit more information on the new Kessil A350 and A350W, as well as a video demonstrating how they are built.

The Kessil Tuna Blue pendants share a lot of the same design cues found in their younger brother, the A150. Both lights use Dense Matrix LED technology, with the A350 getting treated to a few more options. These include two independent channels and two different models. The A350 will come in a regular version and a wide angle version, with the regular pendant being ideal for tanks deeper than 24″ and the wide angle spreading the light out for a much greater spread. Each version of the A350 consumes 90watts of power, making them terrific replacements for higher energy consuming metal halides.


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