Tip of the Day – 4/10/2012


Sometimes fish take up residence in the most inconvenient of places. They hide under rocks or inhabit caves and crevices on the backside of the rock structure, making them virtually inaccessible to the aquarium keeper when it comes to feeding time. Sure, the hobbyist could broadcast feed the aquarium and hope the reclusive fish eats, but in order to give the fish the proper diet, it must be target fed. To do so, first find out where the fish is located. Next, turn off circulation pumps and attempt to feed the fish. Sometimes the aquarium keeper will have to run distraction with the other fish, as they will aggressively try to feed on any food being target fed to the shy fish. If the other fish aren’t distracted, they will scare the more timid fish further into the rocks, where it will not be able to eat.


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