Tip of the Day – 4/2/2012


Catching a single nuisance fish in a fully stocked aquarium can be tough. The one you want to remove is far too smart to swim into a net, and as soon as you approach the tank it darts into the rocks. Thinking a fish trap will work? Good luck. You’ll end up catching everything but the fish you’re after. To turn the tables a little, scare the fish into its rock of choice. Once it gets settled in for the long waiting period until you give up, reach into the aquarium and pull the entire rock out. If the fish is really deep into the rock, you can set the rock onto the ground and get after it with a hammer and screwdriver. After a few whacks of a hammer, there won’t be anymore crevices in which the fish will be able to hide. That’ll show him.


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  • OldTownJoe

    I think this is terrible advice. Someone going at a rock with a hammer is just as likely to shatter the rock and damage the fish. Just put the rock in a small aquarium or Rubbermaid container or 5 gallon bucket with only enough water to cover the rock. Wait for the fish to swim out (perhaps by placing food in with it), and then just remove the rock quickly. Ta da!

  • I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately, once the rock is removed the fish will just hide deeper in its crevices. A few well placed strikes with a hammer and flathead screwdriver will crack the rock open, allowing you to grab the fish. Of course, you have to know where the fish is in relation to where you are striking the rock…which is usually pretty easy since fish can only go so far in. I’m not suggesting that hobbyists haphazardly start swinging away, but take your time and use precision. A pair of thick bone cutters can also cut the rock away from the hiding fish.

    • Slickrick18766

      Yea that’s going alittle over bord like joe said put the whole rock I’m another tank and son or later the fish will come back out,its not going to say in the rock forever,terrible advice…