Tip of the Day – 4/29/2012


Do you have an aquarium at your workplace, where you only at on weekdays, and concerned about the tank’s inhabitants not getting enough light and food during those weekend days you are absent? Sure, you could get a timer for the lights and an automatic fish feeder, but you’ve heard horror stories of tank disasters starting from those two automating devices and want to keep failure points to a minimum. If you are gone for just two days, don’t worry about it the light too much. Aquariums can go a few days here and there without light, provided there is plenty of water flow and the pH doesn’t drop too far during the lights out period. As for feeding, when the lights are out, the fish will be hiding in the rock structure  and conserving energy anyways, so no need to worry about that either. Just make sure that when you are at work, the aquarium lights stay on long enough and your fish are fed pretty well.


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