Tip of the Day – 4/5/2012


Anyone with a diverse aquarium cleanup crew knows that most snails are escape artists. These shelled grazers can move about the entire aquarium looking for food, and their venturing often leads them to crawl out of water and up the sides of the aquarium. Occasionally, these snails will find their way too far up, moving to the edge of the aquarium and sometimes even crawling out of the tank entirely. For standard aquariums, the black trim often serves a little more than an obstacle on the snails way out. For rimless aquariums, there is no obstacle whatsoever, and the snails will easily find their way onto the floor. The best aquariums to keep these little buggers contained, however, are the eurobraced tanks. The thick glass braces are often too wide for snails to get around, which is obviously a huge plus if you want to keep your pricey cleanup crew in the tank where the critters can consume algae and detritus.


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