Aqua Medic Reveals Large Lineup of Aquarium Additives


Aqua Medic Reef Life Magnesium

The minds at Aqua Medic have been quite busy lately developing and releasing a plethora of new products for saltwater aquarium keepers. One of their newest products is a complete line of aquarium additives called the REEF LIFE series. Recently showed off at Interzoo, these new supplements consist of both liquid and powder products aimed at creating a stable environment in which can grow corals. A total of elevn products make up the REEF LIFE lineup, with a small group of those being incorporated into the separate REEF LIFE System Coral three part dosing system. The remaining standalone products are aimed at water parameters like magnesium, strontium, iodine, ion balance, and even contaminant removal.

Below is the full line of products, along with a brief description of each item.

REEF LIFE System Coral:

The REEF LIFE System coral is a three part dosing solution for supplying reef aquaria with calcium, alkalinity, and trace elements for optimum coral growth and health. The system consists of the three following components:

  • System Coral A Calcium:

The System Coral A Calcium product is a concentrated calcium additive that provides proper amounts of usable calcium for coral growth.

Aqua Medic Reef Life System Coral A Calcium

  • System Coral B KH Buffer:

The second additive in the System Coral linkeup is Part B KH Buffer, a carbonate buffer solution that stabilizes pH and increases alkalinity.

Aqua Medic Reef Life System Coral B KH Buffer

  • System Coral C Trace:

Part “C” of the System Coral additives is Trace, which provides the reef aquarium with vital trace elements (boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc) in appropriate concentrations for fish, corals, and invertebrates.

Aqua Medic Reef Life System Coral C Trace

REEF LIFE Liquid and Powder Supplements:

  • Strontium:

This supplement contains strotium ions in a form that can be easily assimilated by invertebrates. Strontium is an imporant element that helps corals, bivalves, and calcareous algae take in calcium and produce their hard skeletons.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Strontium

  • Iondine:

The REEF LIFE Iodine actually contains three different forms of iodine, which include iodide, organic iodine, and elemtary iondine. Iodine is important in a reef aquarium for healthy coral growth, bright coral colors, and invertebrate molting. The organic bond releases iodine more slowly than the elementary or iodide, which makes it ideal as a long term supplement.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Iodine

  • Magnesium:

Magnesium is an ideal supplement for reef building corals and calcareous algae, and the REEF LIFE Magnesium increases its concentration in the aquarium to suitable levels.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Magnesium

  • OptiClean:

The OptiClean product is an interesting one. Out of all of the REEF LIFE additives, it’s the only one not aimed directly at coral growth. Instead, it’s sole purpose is contaminant removal. OptiClean contains activated micro particles of high purity Clinoptilolite, which binds heavy metal and pesticide contaiminants. The particles are removed via protein skimming and the resulting water is clean and clear.

Aqua Medic Reef Life OptiClean

  • Calciumbuffer compact:

For reef keepers with high calcium demand, liquid additives just won’t cut it. Hence, the Calciumbuffer compact is a more ideal supplement. This powder additive contains concentrated calcium and carbonate buffer in ideal concentrations to increase calcium and alkalinity in the aquarium.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Calciumbuffer Compact

  • Magnesium compact:

Much like the Calciumbuffer compact, the Magnesium compact is made of concentrated powder designed for the most demanding of reef aquaria. This mangesium powder is designed to increase magnesium levels for healthier coral skeleton growth.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Magnesium Compact

  • Kalkwasserpowder:

Kalkwasser has been a staple in the aquarium industry for decades, and no additive line would be complete without it. The Kalkwasser powder is deisgned to be used when topping off evaporated water and raises both calcium and pH levels, while also reducing phosphate concentrations via precipitation.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Kalkwasser Powder

  • Balance:

The Aqua Medic REEF LIFE Balance is a pure sea salt additive that contains no sodium chloride. It is designed to be added to the aquarium in order to prevent the ion shift that occurs when calcium chloride and sodium hydrogen carbonate are used.

Aqua Medic Reef Life Balance


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