Aqua Medic’s Reef Station is a Fully Functional Sump Setup


Aqua Medic Reef Station

Aqua Medic continues to release new products, with their latest piece of hardware coming in the form of a complete filtration system for saltwater aquariums. This all-in-one glass sump, which is being called the Reef Station, has all of the equipment needed to successfully run a saltwater aquarium, and even a couple of extra luxuries that aren’t madatory but provide an extra layer of filtration.

The sump itself is made of glass and has both a sliding door and removable cover to maximize accessibility, which will be needed considering how many things are getting crammed into it. In terms of filtration, Aqua Medic has basically thrown everything at this new sump but the kitchen sink. The system comes stock with a protein skimmer, return pump, and prefilter, but also some additional space and plumbing to easily retrofit a couple more components. The dimensions of the sump are roughly 29.7″L x 18.7″W x 24.4″H. We expect the filtration capacity to be in line with that of the supplied protein skimmer, which is 500 – 1500 liters (130 – 395 gallons).

When this sump is in place, water enters through a prefilter, which is a chamber that can be filled with activated carbon, phosphate absorbing media, and just about anything else that removes particulates and dissolved organic molecules from the incoming water. From there, water travels into the next chamber by being forced into the Aqua Medic aCone 1.5 skimmer and, to a lesser extent, a sump baffle that also keeps the water level constant over the skimmer’s pump. Water exiting the skimmer is sucked into the ECO Runner 3700 return pump, which feeds water back to the aquarium. As far as additional compoents, the Reef Station sump doesn’t come with the UV sterilized shown in the image above, but an 18watt Helix Max UV Sterilizer and Niveau-Set auto top off can easily be added to the mix with supplied plumbing pieces.

We don’t have word yet on the price of the sump setup or when it will become available, but we’ll be digging around for those answers and update if something comes up.


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