Bandit Angelfish Gobbling Up Pellets at B-Box Aquarium


The Bandit Angelfish (Apolemichthys arcuatus), a native of Hawaii, is obviously a gorgeous fish. It has deep black stripes that run head to tail along its midline and anal fin, as well an elegant black outline on its caudal fin. Above the dominant lateral stripe, the bandit angel has a rich beige coloration that is the perfect complement to the rest of it’s already sharp color scheme. This amazing color, coupled with the fish’s uncommon, if not rare, availability in the trade has caused it to be a highly sought after fish that often has a price tag north of $700. The demand, however, is often met with disappointment.

Unfortunately, the bandit angelfish can be heartbreakers, as they don’t often do well in captivity. They don’t ship well at all and they have a very specialized diet of sponges, both of which are very detrimental to the fish’s success in the trade. That it mind, it should come as no surprise at how elated we were to see the individual in the video above (from B-Box Aquarium) chomping away at pellet foods scattered at the bottom of its temporary home.

It’s not common to see a bandit angel in such good condition and actively grazing in captivity. This individual is fat and happy, with no signs of stress or skin damage that typically occurs as the fish starts to take a turn for the worse.

To enjoy the fish in all of its splendor, be sure to crank up the resolution on the video above.


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