EcoTech Releases Radion Light Rails


EcoTech Marine Radion Rail Kit

The Radion XR30w LED fixtures can now be suspended over your aquarium with a little style thanks to the long awaited release of the simple but very functional Radion Rail Kit by EcoTech Marine. These “new” light rails, which have been actually been around behind the scenes for a short time but only officially made available to the public a few days ago, allow users to hang multiple Radion fixtures in a variety of configurations. They are fully compatible with the premium hanging kits hobbyists have been using since the lights release, and to give multiple mounting options, the kits come in two lengths, short and long. The short rail kit measures 16″, while the long kit stretches out to 18″.

Radion Rail Kit Overview

In addition to the rail kits, “+One” kits are also available in both short and long versions. These kits are designed to allow multiple Radions to be attached to the long and short rail kits.

Radion Rail Kit Configuration

As for pricing and availabilty, all of the rails are currently listed in the EcoTech Marine Parts Store. The Short Rail Kit and the Plus One Short kit will retail for $55 and $35 respectively. Their longer counterparts come in at $75 and $50 for the Plus One.


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