Ecoxotic Panorama Fixture Housing Available All On Its Own


Ecoxotic Panorama Fixture Housing

Our pals at Ecoxotic, taking advice from their fan base, have made their modular housing for the Panorama LED fixture available to puchase separately from the rest of the light’s components. Both the 24″ and 18″ fixture housings will be available to purchase, allowing hobbyists to custom create their own Panorama. The lights were already so versatile, as they were designed with modularity in mind, but this offering will expand those capabilities even more and let those real hands on aquarists flex their muscles a bit as they conjur up some inventive lights. Additionally, the Panorama is compatible with four different Ecoxotic mounting kits, which gives even more options for the creative hobbyist. The prices for these powder coated aluminum housings will run $149 and $139 for the 24″ and 18″ model respectively. Included in the box is the housing itself, along with mounting screws for adding Panorama Modules and a back plate that keeps the wires neat and organized.


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