Innoviative Marine Doubles Up on the Skkyelight Dimmable Strip Lights


Innoviative Marine Skkyelight Dimmable Dual Strip LED

Innovative Marine added a bit of functionality to their Skkyelight LED Strips last month by allowing them to be dimmed manually. Wanting to take their strip lights to the next level, IM has modified them once again, this time they included an extra strips of diodes. Available in four different lengths ranging from 18″ to 48″, the strips will feature two color spectra as well as a third channel for moonlights. These two colors, which are 14,oooK white and 456nm blue, can be dimmed significantly to produce a 20,000K look in your aquarium or cranked up for a whiter appearance. Dimming is handled via pulse width modulation and controlled by a pair of adjustable knobs on the end of the fixture, and all of the diodes are wrapped with individual reflectors to direct that color downwards. As for the housing, each Skkyelight LED Strip sits in an aluminum casing that comes in either white or black. To allow the strips to fit on multiple aquariums of different sizes, each fixture has adjustable arms that pull out from either end.

We don’t have much more information that that currently, especially since Innovative Marine just posted the images and scarce details on their Facebook page late last night, but we’ll continue to follow the information as its made available. A video and a couple more images can be seen below.

Innoviative Marine Skkyelight Dimmable Dual Strip

Innoviative Marine Skkyelight Dimmable Dual Strip Dimmer Knobs


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