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Reef2Reef Tunze Contest

I know we keep saying this, but we love free aquarium equpiment and creative giveaways, the latest of which comes to us from our friends at Reef2Reef. Their “Go With the FLOW Contest” is a simple one, all you have to do is post topics and reply to others, with the big prize at the end being a Tunze 6105 Stream pump. Each topic you start and post you respond with earns points, with the top 25 point earners being entered into a random drawing for the pump. An additional “wild card” entry will be randomly selected from the entire pool of R2R members, even if they weren’t in the top point earners, and will be entered into the random drawing. The contest is currently live and hobbyists are racking up points already, so if you want to get your hands on a free Tunze 6105, you’ll need to get posting. But before you starting spamming the forums with one word posts and topics, there are some rules in place to make sure whatever is being posted had some thought behind it. Each topic and must be a minimum of 25 characters long in order to qualify and on top of that, only posts and topics in certain forums will count. The cutoff date for the points accumulation is June 10th, which is also the date the winner will be selected.

For more information on the rules and points system, continue below or click on the Reef2Reef link earlier in the article.

Point Scale:
5 Points Awarded for each new topic started.
– Max 5 topics per day. (max 25 points per day)
– Topics must be at least 25 words long and be useful aquarium topics.
– Topics will only count in these forums: Reef Aquarium Discussion, Reef Chemistry, Do It Yourself, Equipment & Hardware, Aquarium Lighting, Fish Discussion, Fish Database, Fish Breeding, SPS Corals, LPS Corals, Zoanthids & Polyps, Soft Corals, Mushroom Corals, Saltwater Inverts, LED Lighting, Aquarium Controllers, Propagation & Shipping, Member Tanks, Large Aquariums, Nano Aquariums, Cube Aquariums, Aquarium Photography, Aquarium Videography

1 Point for each new post made.
– Max 25 post per day. (all forums included with a max of 25 points per day)
– Post must be at least 25 characters long.

On June 10th each persons point totals will be added together and the top 25 point total members will be entered into the drawing. We will also have 1 wild card entry from someone who did not make the top 25. (so 1 post could get you entered to win)

Top point holder will receive 10 entries.
Top 2-5 point holders will receive 5 entries each.
Top 6-10 point holders will receive 3 entries each.
Top 11-20 point holders will receive 2 entries each.
Top 21-25 point holders will receive 1 entry each.
WILD card member will receive 1 entry.

After all entries are put into the hat I will do a drawing to announce the winner!

The Prize
The lucky winner will win a brand new Tunze Turbelle 6105 pump shipped to their door valued at over $365.00!!


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