The Conch Wavemaker System


Conch Wavemaker

There’s a new wavemaker on the block courtesy of the guys at Chill-down Trading & Services. The Conch Wavemaker, as it is called, is a simple system that includes several models of pumps and controllers. The entry level setup is the Conch Basic, which consists of a single controllable pump and a simple controller that allows users to adjust both the power and frequency of the pulse. This basic setup comes in three models that includes the Conch Nano (adjustable flow from 132 gph – 1580 gph), the Conch II (adjustable flow from 132 gph – 3950 gph), and the Conch III (adjustable flow from 525 gph – 7895 gph). Additionally, each of the pumps is outfitted with a magnet mount to secure it to the tank.

To target the hobbyists who need more than one controllable pump, the crew at Chill-down also has their Conch Expert line, which includes all of the same pumps listed above, but a more advanced controller than can handle up to four pumps. The Conch Expert controller also have more functions, allowing users to run their pumps in and out of sync, randomize the pumps, turn off the pumps during feeding time, and display functions on a built-in LCD screen. The Conch Basic system released to the masses in March, while the Expert line won’t hit shelves until June.

Conch II Wavemaker

As can be seen in the video, the pumps do a great job of moving water. But there is one drawback…the pumps are run on a hard start and stop. This has proven to be quite hard on water pumps in the long run, so we’re curious to see how well the Conch Wavemaker system performs over a significant amount of time.


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