The New Tunze Silence PRO Water Pump


Tunze Silence PRO

Continuing on with our coverage of the massive sure in new Tunze product releases, we now come to the Tunze Silence PRO. Like other models in the Silence lineup, the PRO model is a quietly running pump that can be used in-sump or externally. Unlike other Silence pumps, however, the Silence PRO ditches the barbed hose fittings for soft plumbing, choosing instead to go with a 1 1/2″ inlet and outlet for PVC connections. The pump moves water at 2900 gallons per hour with a power consumption of 95 to 125W depending on head pressure. Speaking of head pressure, the Silence PRO has a maximum head height of 14 3/4′. The Tunze Silence PRO will be available at a retail price of $385 and some change.


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