Tip of the Day – 5/21/2012


The big downside to this hobby is that it is based on so many generalizations and misunderstandings of expert, scientific knowledge. Our hobby is loosely based on the principles of science, and every over eager hobbyist with a PAR meter and a few test kits all of the sudden becomes an expert that someone with a four year or more degree in a specific field couldn’t claim. That’s the problem with getting your information online from the forums, or even a place such as this. We’re not saying you should abandon the online aquarium community, but we are suggesting that you retain some doubt about everything you read online…even if a vast majority of people on a forum agree with whatever is being posted. Never take what someone says at face value and apply it to your aquarium. Chances are they are not relying on a scientific way to prove their theory and are only going on observations. Always research what you’re trying to accomplish and try to understand the situation logically. Sure, seasoned hobbyist advice can be helpful, but it can also cause you to do something that wrecks your entire aquarium. In the long run, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.


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