Tunze Unveils Their New 9415 and 9430 Protein Skimmers


Tunze 9415 and 9430 Protein Skimmers

Yesterday, Tunze revealed to us that they are adding a couple of new protein skimmers to their flagship DOC Skimmer lineup. Both models, the 9415 and the 9430, are said to be energy efficient and extremely quiet thanks to the implementation of the high-performance, low wattage Hydrofoamer pumps that are actually modified versions of the Tunze Silence pumps. The Tunze 9415 is rated for aquariums up to 400-gallons give or take, and uses the 9420.04 Hydrofoamer Silence pump that consumes a tiny 15watts while sucking in air at 850 l/h. The larger skimmer is rated for aquariums just a touch under 800-gallons and uses a 9430.04 pump that draws in 1,100 l/h at 24watts. Those are obviously great energy consumption numbers given the tank ratings. Despite being suitable for large aquariums, both skimmers actually have a relatively small footprint of 13.8″ x 11.8″ footprint, with the only physical difference between both models being about a 2″ height difference.

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We aren’t quite sure when these new skimmers will come out, but we do know that they will be on display at this year’s Interzoo, which takes place on the 20th of this month in Germany. As for pricing, the 9415 is expected to retail in US markets for $598.65, with the larger 9430 coming in at about $100 more.

Tunze 9415 and 9430 Comparison

A few more details from Tunze:

  • High skimming action at low wattage
  • Outgoing water without bubbles
  • DOC skimmer made of high-quality materials
  • No adjustments
  • Uniform output
  • Patented anti-overfoaming system prevents overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates the skimming action
  • Using the water energy of the output water: All DOC skimmers contain a removable post-filter, which carries out a perfect mechanical filtration through 300 μm acrylic wadding fibres
  • The filter can be filled with other filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate absorber. Simple cleaning: Skimmer cup and foam reactor are one unit. Very soft operation with Hydrofoamer Silence. Especially robust construction of dispergator and high-performance rotor
  • Low wattage

Tunze has a lot more in store for the aquarium hobby this year, with lots of new goodies being unveiled at Interzoo. And as always, we’re going to be on top of those new releases as the information becomes available.


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