Elos AquaUno Line Kickstarts Biological Filtration with the A1 Bacto Complex


Elos AquaUno Bacto Complex

Elos is helping aquarium hobbyists keep the focus on biological filtration with a pair of new products from their new PrimaLine of additives. Designed to be used post-water change, the AquaUno A1 Bacto Complex is aimed at both freshwater and marine aquaria. Each liquid product helps stabilize the aquarium environment by establishing and maintaining a healthy population of bacteria, as well as preventing excess organic matter from accumulating within the filter, substrate, and rocks through enzymatic activities. In new aquariums, the A1 Bacto Complex products speed up the nitrogen cycle by preventing the biological oxidation of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. This allows livestock to be added to the tank sooner than normal. In terms of dosing instructions, Elos recommends adding 10 ml for every 20 liters (roughly 5.25 gallons) of new water replaced during a water change. Additionally, the additives will be available in different sizes, including 125ml, 250ml, and 500ml, but pricing details and reease dates are still a mystery at this point.


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