GHL Mitras Officially Priced, Pre-orders Get Discount


GHL Mitras LED Fixtures
The new Mitras LED fixture from GHL, which we’ve been covering rather extensively since it was first teased months ago, has officially been priced and a pre-order window has been solidified. For North American customers, the manufacturer’s advertised retail price is set at $1199, with pre-orders getting a very generous 15% discount. That ends up being $1019 per fixture once all is said and done. The pre-orders and their discount will start on July 1st and run through August 30th, with the MAP pricing structure taking place from then on out.

In order to qualify for the discount, the pre-order will require a 100% down payment, which is set in place because of a high rate of dropped pre-orders according to Aqua Digital Inc, the North American distributor for GHL products. This is obviously designed to protect the retailers, but has the added benefit of acting as a situational diffuser because some folks have even bailed on pre-orders after putting non-refundable deposits down, causing a strain on customer-retailer relations.

The pre-orders will be handled in two separate waves. Those who order in the month of July will comprise the first wave, and those customers will received their shipment in the first couple of weeks in September. Customers who order in August are considered the second wave, with their shipments following the first wave by approximately 4 weeks. If you want to pre-order, be sure to contact an online retailer or local fish store who carries the GHL line.


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