LiveAquaria Loads Up the Diver’s Den with Rare Beauties


Rare Fish from LiveAquaria Diver's Den

We often sing praises about the quality and rarity of the livestock that LiveAquaria brings into the popular Diver’s Den WYSIWYG section of their website, and it seems like their offerings are only getting better with time. The Rhinelander based facility has listed some very rare fish in recent months, with the inclusion of the extremely rare Dr. Suess Soapfish (Belonoperca pylei) and Curacao Deepwater Banded Basslet (Lipogramma evides). In keeping with their current trends, the online retailer has a whole slew of rare fish currently ready and waiting for their next home. Just taking a click glance at their site reveals a female Blue Striped Tamarin Wrasse (Anampses femininus), a pair of Maldives White Stripe Terelabrus Hogfish (Terelabrus sp.), and a Curacao Deepwater Candy Basslet (Liopropoma carmabi)…and those are all found on just the fist page. The other three pages are also full of uncommon, if not somewhat rare fish to go along with the several other sections of amazing corals and invertebrates. Needless to say, LiveAquaria is bringing their “A” game to the table and we applaud their efforts to diversify the hobby with new and unusual aquarium life.

The marine aquarium trade is, by and large, moving away from a reliance on a few key species to keep customers happy and instead targeting numerous lesser known species. Well rounded hobyists are refining their tastes in fish, and LiveAquaria has shown to be a reliable source for the extremely colorful and undoubtedly rare finds that often fetch hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the open market. Not every hobbyist can appreciate a rare deepwater species, what it took to catch them, and what all factors go into the price, but we’re paying attention and we’re very happy with what we see so far.

We’ll wipe the drool off of our keyboards and wrap this up by saying, keep up the good work Kevin and the rest of the LiveAquaria crew.


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