Picture of the Week, Blotched Anthias (Odontanthias borbonius)


Borbonius Anthias in Reef

Pictured in this iteration of the AquaNerd Picture of the Week is one of our favorite fishes, the blotched anthias (Odontanthias borbonius). Seen here swimming out in the open in front of a rock covered coral, this species is certainly one of our favorites, as it is not only very beautiful but also somewhat rare in the aquarium trade. The O. boronius anthis, like most rare fish, is a deep water dweller that can be found as far down as a few hundred meters. It’s got a fairly broad distribution, being found in Japan all the way down to South Africa. It’s depth, however, makes it hard to come by for the most part. And when individuals do become available, they’re often $300 or more. On a side note, this species is also frequently labeled as Holoanthias borbonius, though Odontanthias is the commonly accepted genus of the scientific community. Regardless of what it’s called, it’s a stunning fish that absolutely wows in person.


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