ProfiLux 3.1a Announced, Replaces ProfiLux II Plus



GHL has been quietly making updates to their ProfiLux lineup, with the latest of these coming in the form of a brand new controller, sort of. The new device, being called the ProfiLux 3.1a (or 3.1a-EX), will not be a new addition to the P3 lineup as its name might suggest, but will instead serve as a direct replacement to the ProfiLux II Plus controller, which is being phased out as we speak. According to GHL, the new 3.1a-EX has all of the features found on the ProfiLux 3 in its most current form, but differs only in its lack of webserver capabilities. Additionally, the P3.1a controller cannot be upgraded to webserver access. This explains the logic behind the name, for the most part, but then raises the question why one would want to go this route.

The primary reason behind offering this product is the fact that some users simply don’t want or need a built-in webserver in their controllers, so why pay the extra for it? The new P3.1a controller line will be cheaper than its more web friendly brethren, though we’re not sure just how much cheaper as details on pricing and availabiltiy release are scarce. GHL has hinted that it will be the same price as the current ProfiLux II Plus, though there are talks that it might be slightly higher.

On a side note, we caught wind of an on-board SD slot cradle for future product development, but beacause it is internal and hard to get to, product reps assume that it is for factory use or maybe some upgrade that has to performed by GHL

As for the current ProfiLux 3 with webserver capabilities, it will still be available in its most current model, as the new controller has no bearing on its availability or future upgrades.


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