Some Sexy New Plate Corals Have Just Landed at ReefKoi Corals


Rainbow and Red Plate Corals

ReefKoi Corals, the Colorado based online retailer of some amazing and surprisingly affordable reef aquarium livestock, has listed a couple of extremely colorful and rare plate corals on their site very recently. While ReefKoi typically carries at least a handful of noteworthy pieces on a regular basis, these plates are probably the two single most awesome pieces to ever hit their website. And judging by the price, they won’t stay there for long. The rainbow plate coral is listed at a measly $349 and the red plate at $299. While these prices may seem pretty high for corals, I honestly can’t ever remember seeing a red plate coral go for that cheap. And a rainbow plate of that quality could easily fetch way more than $500 on other sites.

Interestingly, the rainbow plate coral was sold sometime during the writing of this article (though it’s still showing on the website), and the red plate is nowhere to be found. We assume this to mean that it was also sold and pulled from the site, but that’s just a guess on our part. It wouldn’t surprise us if that were the truth though, since they are priced so low. We just wish we could have gotten in on the action before the corals sold.


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