New Seachem App Helps With Aquarium Dosing


Seachem Dose App

Understanding the vast usefulness of the smartphone in today’s constantly mobile world, Seachem has released a new app that helps aquarium hobbyists of both the freshwater and marine realms dose products from their three distinct additive lines. Aptly called Dose and available on the iPhone and iPad, the app uses Seachem’s already available online calculators that recommend dosing volumes, but wraps them in a very user friendly mobile package that aquarium keepers can access on the go. The app focuses primarily on those additives that normally require some calculation, taking all of the leg work out of the actual dosing. That said, information from regular water testing is still required in order to perform the calculation, as are a few key details about the aquarium, such as the total water volume.

Seachem Dose Calculator

Besides recommending dosing volumes of several additives, the Dose app also helps new aquarium owners fill their tanks with the appropriate amount of Gravel. By plugging in the volume of the tank, the software will recommend a certain number of bags of the substrate. These gravels consist of different media for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, with the primary focus being on planted tanks and full blown coral setups.

The Dose app is 100% free and is designed to only work for Seachem products. To download your own copy of the software, please visit Dose in the iTunes App Store. And yes, the release date does say April 2009, but we believe this is the first time the app has been available to download by the general public, as it’s the first time we’ve seen it advertised on Seachem’s website. Our notions are seemingly backed up by the fact that the app only has three reviews.


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