Tip of the Day – 6/29/2012


Cracked Water Mixing Container

When preparing your water mixing container for that fresh batch of RO water for your next water change, be sure to inspect the container inside and out for any cracks or damage prior to filling it. In most situations, the container will be perfectly fine. On those rare occasions, however, a crack may have developed. If the aquarium hobbyist is unaware of this crack, then water will obviously leak out onto the floor and ruin floors of all types. Case in point, in prepping my own water change, I found a crack at the very bottom of my mixing container, which renders it completely useless for my application. I stumbled across the crack while the container will full of water while it was getting cleaned outside. The leak wasn’t very big, but it was enough to catch my eye. Needless to say, I’ll be postponing my water change and will replace the container with a newer, more heavy duty Rubbermaid Brute trash can.


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