Tip of the Day – 6/7/2012


Regular powerhead and water pump maintenance is crucial for the long term continued operation of the pumps. Over time, calcium deposits can build up on the impeller/propeller shaft of the pump, which doesn’t post much of a problem if the pumps never turn off. Unfortunately, the pumps do turn off, and sometimes it’s not intended. With random power outages and regular fish feedings, the pumps will experience some time when the props aren’t spinning, and if the pumps aren’t cleaned regularly, they can be severely damaged at startup. The calcium deposits and algae growth can cause an impeller shaft to become unseated, or even snap or bend. When this happens, the pump is rendered useless until it can either be repaired or replaced. That in mind, a few minutes of soaking your pumps in a water/vinegar solution seems like a far smaller headache than replacing pumps and sending them in for service.


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