AquaNerd 4th of July Discount Roundup


AquaNerd 4th of July

Independence Day is here, and while most of America will be celebrating with fireworks and outdoor grilling, it seems that the online aquarium livestock vendors will be busy filling tons of orders. Plenty of online vendors have sales and specials in place for the 4th of July celebration, and we’ve listed a whole mess of them below. So, before you go blow your fingers off with some homemade fireworks, be sure to visit the sites listed below for some great deals.

  • AquaCave – 10% off your entire order (Excludes Aqua Illumination, EcoTech Marine, and Gift Cards)
  • Aquarium Specialty – 6% off your order plus 5x the normal reward points ((Excludes Aqua Illumination and EcoTech Marine)
  • – 30% off all small polyp stony, large polyp stony, and soft corals
  • Marine Depot – various discounts on select items ranging from 10% to 50% off
  • Pacific East Aquaculture – 25% off WYSIWYG frags, anemones, and colonies, as well as a special 50% off section
  • Premium Aquatics – 10% off their entire inventory (Excludes Aqua Illumination, EcoTech Marine, and Wholesale)
  • Reefs2Go – %10 off their entire inventory
  • ReefSpecialty – 10% off their entire inventory (Excludes EcoTech Marine)
  • That Fish Place – 10% off their entire inventory (Excludes EcoTech Marine and Gift Cards)
  • WT Inc – 45% off their entire inventory

*Please note that we have listed these sales and specials as a courtesy to each of the vendors listed above and cannot be responsible for any actual sales or the vendors adherence to their advertised discounts. Some vendors may change their sales after this article is published and certain items may run out of stock. Please refer to each website for specific sale instructions.


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