The GHL Mitras LED Gets More Features Prior to Launch


GHL Mitras LED Fixtures

The Mitras LED fixture from GHL, which has been the center of many discussions on our blog recently, is getting some sweet new features prior to its official launch day. According to a recent announcement by Aqua Digital Inc, the LED fixture will be getting a new color with the addition of neutral white LEDs, which is also being incorporated into an additional channel that is separately dimmable. This brings the total number of channels up to 9, while the previous model only had 8. GHL has also increased the number of hyperviolet diodes to 6, which is up from just 2. Futhermore, the wavelength of these hyperviolet LEDs has been tweaked from 420nm to 425nm. And the best part of all of these last minute upgrades is they do not affect the price. Nope, the price will remain the same at $1199.

To wrap this announcement up, the Mitras officially went on pre-order as of yesterday, with all pre-orders receiving a 15% discount. That bumps the price down to $1019 per fixture once. The pre-orders and their discount will run through August 30th, and from there the full price will take affect.

That’s about it for the Mitras news for now. We’ll be sure to update if GHL decides to add any more features to the growing list.


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