Picture of the Week, Clownfish Chillin’ in a Mushroom


Clownfish in Fuzzy Mushroom

In this installment of the AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we wanted to chat a little about clownfish and the interesting things they like to live in. While most clownfish will readily take to a host anemone, they will also snuggle up to the weirdest of things. Sometimes these non-anemone hosts consist of mushroom corals (pictured above), Euphyllids, and even some soft corals. Tridacnid clams have also been known to accept a clownfish as a temporary guest. Still even more interesting, various clowns have been known for their interest in magnetic algae mounts and other inanimate objects as homes.

The reason clownfish take to so many different objects is their natural instinct to stay protected. In the aquarium, anemones are the ideal home, especially since they form a symbiotic relation ship with clownfish in the wild. Unfortunately, not ever aquarium keeper is advanced in their hobby enough to care for anemones, so many clownfish go without this natural home. Because of this, other options have to be explored.

So, does anyone have a clownfish that lives in a weird place?


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