New Reef Octopus Spinning Biopellet Reactor Spied on Video


Biopellets have become a very popular method of carbon dosing in recent years, and equipment manufacturers have been toiling away making new reactors just for that specific media. The evolution of the biopellet reactor has been rather interesting to say the least, with each one finding new ways to tumble the media and keep it from clumping up. Some companies have gone with a traditional cylinder shaped reactor, while others have used unique inverted cone shaped reactors. Wanting to be a little different from the growing crowd and take a somewhat novel approach, LSS Laboratories has been developing a Reef Octopus biopellet reactor that spins.

As demonstrated in the video above, the reactor uses the force of the water pump to push a paddle wheel that keeps the pellets suspended in the reactor while water flows upwards. The open top reactor then overflows into the sump area.

Judging from the video, the reactor holds a ton of pellets and does a great job of keeping them suspended. We don’t see the same tumbling action found in other reactors, but with the spinning motion it would appear that a larger mass of pellets can become mobile without having to use a giant pump to keep them tumbling and clump free. We’re still not quite sure how effective the system is, but the approach by LSS has certainly got us talking.


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