The Blue Tridacna squamosa Clams Have Landed


Blue Tridacna squamosa Clam

Around the end of June, we found out there was a decent number of blue Tridacna squamosa clams entering the aquarium trade. Given the extreme rarity of these clams, we started to do a little digging just so we could try to get our hands on one. Being an avid clam lover, this was my ultimate dream Tridacnid, and I was on a manhunt. Through a chance encounter, we found a source for the clams and wound up not only getting one, but three! You could imagine the trepidation we had when placing that order, as the blue Squammies are quite expensive and a million worst case scenarios flooded our thought process. Fortunately all three clams arrived in tip top shape and they even came out for a brief photo session late yesterday evening (pardon the slime please, it’s a byproduct of bio-pellet use).

Long story short, the blue squamosa clam is one of the rarest of the Tridacna clams that’s offered in the aquarium trade. Yes, there are other rarer clam species out there, and it’s not like we get to so T. gigas and Hippopus sp. clams every day, but the blue color on this species is an ultra rare occurrence.

As the clams come out more, we’ll be sure to take as many pictures as we can. I’m sure we’ll overdo it big time, but it’s not every day we get to see these clams and I’m not even sure if my wife will approve of such a purchase.


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