Tip of the Day – 7/11/2012


When new aquarium livestock is scheduled to arrive at your home, make sure that you are there to pick them up off the doorstep to take them inside, or at the very least have a neighbor do it for you. This means a little planning ahead, as you may have to schedule a vacation day or call in sick. The reason for the seriousness and urgency is due to the fact that aquarium animals are already subjected to so many different stresses during the shipping process, and having them sit on your front porch in the blazing sun only exacerbates those issues. In fact, the trip itself may not cause a whole lot of problems, but that multiple hour wait in the hot sun sure will. And many times a guarantee of live arrival may depend on a very narrow window of time where the retailer requires that you report any losses within a couple of hours after the delivery was made. So, if you’re buying corals, be sure to get them in the best conditions available as soon as possible.


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