Tip of the Day – 7/12/2012


When acclimating new aquarium livestock, there is bound to be a point where the coral, fish, or invertebrate is exposed to air. While this normally doesn’t affect the animal, assuming the time out of water is very minimal, air can become trapped in the tissues of certain animals, doing some real damage. For corals, there are few areas where bubbles can get stuck, but for plating species, the bubbles can accumulate under large structures and eventually expose the area to air. Invertebrates such as Tridacna clams, on the other hand, are far more easily affected. The bubbles can get stuck in their tissues and can cause tissue to become distended. To prevent animals from being exposed to the bubbles from the transfer to the aquarium, make sure to tip them upside down in the water to remove any trapped air pockets.


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