Big Updates Coming to the AquaNerd Forums


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We just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we’ve been working tirelessly into the long hours of the night to significantly upgrade the AquaNerd Forums. In the past, we unsuccessfully used free forum platforms that ultimately did not function as we wanted and they eventually became overrun with spam bots. So, we stepped up and purchased a vBulletin license, as it’s the most stable forum platform and really allows us to pour on the content. In fact, it’s such a stable platform that the largest aquarium forums on the web use them. With the new AquaNerd Forums, users will be able to post in tons of different forums, upload images and videos, create their own blogs, and do tons more. The new forums, like the blog, will be very mobile friendly as well.

As of right now, the forum is live, but we’ve restricted access to it because we want things to be just right before it gets unveiled. If you have ideas as to what you want seen in the AquaNerd Forums, we’ll gladly listen to them and work to implement them.

Our ultimate goal for the forum, and by extension the blog, is to create an area where aquarium hobbyists can find out anything and everything about this wonderful hobby and discuss new ideas, ask for help on certain issues, and just chat with like minded individuals. So be sure to join us when the forum goes live and we’ll do our best to entertain, educate, and interact with our aquarium friends.

To view and/or join the AquaNerd Forums, please visit: Please keep in mind that the forums are not finished, as we still have a lot of back end stuff to finish. They are active however, so be sure to test them out and let us know how they work.


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